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ThugPug Genetics??
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Looking for Black Berry Kush Original
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TheGreenStashLooking forward to meeting new acquaintances, and obtaining more exclusive genetics!
Thanks for the great community! Cheers! TGS
TheGreenStashExclusive cross from TGS :Bruce Banner x 9# Hammer = Hulks Hammered f3 60/40 Indica dom hybrid.
With an extremely potent and sweet citrus, skunky ammonia smell. 7-8 weeks flower time medium yeild, when this baby flowers heads turn and drool forms, talk about budporn!!
12 Seeds per pack 4 available, Cuttings available to California Residents. Inquire for availability, Cheers!!
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Exotic Trading   what group did you get nailed in
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Crystal farms genetics
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Crystal farms genetics
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Crystal farms genetics
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PJAcresLooking for some DNA Golden Lemons. Who's got me?
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Exotic Trading   i wish
TheGreenStash   Closest thing I have Is Lemon Sour D, Got them from a a buddy off Rollitup years ago named PHX.
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